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Inspiring events for female professionals with heart. Our goal is to foster self-actualisation and leadership by providing access to valuable growth opportunities and to help women build successful careers, businesses and everything else in between.


Sister Sister at a Glance

Sister Sister is a social enterprise curating life-enhancing, inspiring, insightful and empowering events for professional women. 

Our end goal is to foster a movement of empowered, self-actualised women by providing access to valuable growth opportunities through our events and initiatives. 

Our hope is that women, through our work step forward into thriving careers, sustainable businesses and are able to make a difference in society.

Our diverse community of over 10,000 women is home to career professionals and entrepreneurs and women at work who are also in enterprise.

No matter who you are, our events are guaranteed to inspire and connect to your higher self. 


“Our entire life changes in a moment.”


What We Do

From business owners to career professionals and future leaders our events offer community, friendship, advice, peer support, coaching, and guidance on key issues impacting women today.

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Our flagship event is the Arise Conference which takes place in Reading, United Kingdom annually. This life-enhancing women’s summit is designed to unite professional women, provide valuable growth opportunities and spotlight inspiring speakers whose stories, expertise, experiences and insights can help other women step forward.


We leverage our unique access to influential leaders, uniting these inspiring forces to harness their collective knowledge and throughout the year, we host various dynamic and interactive events that bring our impact to life. From mental wellbeing to making career changes, we create bitesize unforgettable experiences that drive progress and connect women.


Beyond our events, we are continuously seeking ways to offer opportunities to women in our eco-system. In 2020, we offered one of our members a sponsored place at the The University Of Oxford's Oxford Women's Leadership Development Programme online. Through our events over the years, we have amassed a powerful community of women and we are committed to offering innovative growth opportunities wherever we can to support our women.






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"Arise is without doubt the best women's conference I have ever attended, year on year."

Sarah Burns MBE
Chair, Smart Works Reading


Stay in the Know

Sister Sister joins forces with Saïd Business School

We are so proud to have joined forces with Saïd Business School to offer a place to one of our members on the online Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programme.

‘We saw it as a real intervention that could actually make a difference, especially during the Covid pandemic when we saw that women were disproportionately affected,’ said Sister Sister Network founder Aduke Onafowakan.

‘It was an opportunity for someone to benefit from some great research and teaching, add to their network and enhance their CV all at the same time. What’s not to love? We welcome collaboration opportunities such as this to help women reach higher.’

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New Event Announcement - #abravenewworld

Join us for our 2021 Business Development Forum, our theme is a #abravenewworld, as we emerge post-covid to a new era for business.

Our unique focus will be looking at post Covid-19 recovery, access to funding and empowering insights for business growth.

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