Women and girls comprise half of the planet’s population; our empowerment is essential in expanding economic growth and promoting social development in a sustainable way.


We are a global community promoting gender equality through leadership skills training and networking events.

We offer women empowering leadership and personal development workshops aimed at boosting leadership awareness and effective leadership practice.


Through our Leadership Forums, we offer leadership training and provide support and networking opportunities to women across communities.


We are at the forefront, helping women tap into their natural abilities and become effective leaders.

Our vision is to enable a gender-equal world by offering accessible leadership development to all women.



In partnership with expert coaches and experienced leaders, our events equip women with key self-leadership skills and also with the tools needed to influence others.


We know that gender equality is not just 'for women to drive' but that true change can only happen when we all work together.  

All of  our events are designed to bring women and men together to share ideas, tackle challenging areas of leadership and to build a global collective of people making a difference in their communities. 

We also work with businesses, policy-makers and organisations who have gender-balance and leadership at the heart of their values to identify ways to


In 2016, Aduke Onafowokan founded The Sister Sister Network to make leadership and personal development more accessible to women from all walks of life. 

Her simple vision was to see women from all cultures and backgrounds coming together to share ideas and empower each other.

4 years and over 5000 international  members later, we are proud of The Sister Sister Legacy and continue to grow our reach and impact.

"..self-acceptance paves the way to leadership.

At some point you have to look at yourself and say, ok I am enough, and then you work on the grey areas and really step up to lead."



 Aduke works with organisations to understand and manage the complex challenges of attracting and managing a diverse workforce and how to unlock the opportunities this presents.


With over 10 years of practical experience in Project Management, Training and Talent Development as well as scholarly expertise on leadership and gender from INSEAD and University of Oxford, Aduke's bespoke programmes help to develop leaders and leadership across cultures and backgrounds.


Through her body of work and in her personal life, she continues to contribute to the advancement of women, leadership and diversity. 


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