Our Purpose

 We exist to curate events that help women unlock their potential and make a difference wherever they are.

For women in the UK, the leadership gender gap remains wide.

Women occupy 52% of all management and professional occupations, yet at Fortune 500 companies, we hold only 19% of board seats, 15% of executive officer positions and 5.8% of CEO positions.


Our Vision

 To be the leading provider of leadership and personal development events for women.

We want our events to catalyse self-discovery, self-actualisation and individual success for women.

From entrepreneurs to career professionals and women who straddle both worlds, our goal is to inspire, empower and inform.


Our Values

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Professional Woman in an Office
Business Meeting


We know that every woman is unique and that we all have individual identities and experiences that shape us. We are inclusive and intersectional, and our events are designed to attract diversity and foster belonging.


We strive for excellence through continuous improvement in all that we do - excellent speakers, well researched topics, brilliant venues, every single event is designed and delivered with a focus on quality, service and excellence.


We are here to empower women in all that we do, we provide platforms for women to learn and speak up, content that unleashes greatness and the opportunity to broaden networks.

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Our Unique Strengths


Purposeful Connections

Creating limitless opportunities through networking.



Evidence-based topics and issues impacting women today.


Intentional Inclusion

Fostering belonging and promoting representation.


"Am I good enough? Yes, I am"

Michelle Obama