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Leadership For Women Forum is a free 2 - 3hours leadership masterclass aimed at boosting your leadership awareness and effective leadership practice. 

Designed to benefit a group of local women who are interested in leadership and networking, our forums inspires attendees to stand up, use their voices and take the lead in their chosen fields.


Our approach is simple but powerful - a blend of education and inspiration to support leadership development, inspire action and help women step up across communities.


 LFW also -


  • Helps you identify as a leader with impact and potential to effect the change you want to see. Encourages you to move forward along your current leadership path, regardless of age or phase.

  • Offers you new skills, advice, and encouragement to help you be authentically successful in your chosen leadership journey.

  • Fosters meaningful exchanges and introspection about leadership styles and competencies, professional and personal growth, generational leadership, work/life integration, and more

  • Connects local participants with their peers and other women across communities and organizations

  • Expands and engages a diverse community of women who desire to be a positive leader.


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