Embrace your down time

I remember 4 years ago, I had just taken time off my PhD and was 8 months pregnant, bored and alone at home I actually felt at some point things would never actually get better and I would never be able to do the things I love.

What I had then was loads of time and zero vision, I was struggling to accept my life’s new purpose was cooking, cleaning and shopping for baby clothes. What I had not realised then was – it’s all part of the plan!

If I could tell my 4 years ago self-anything, it would have been ‘enjoy the moment, this is part of your journey’. I spent so much time wishing I didn't have so much time that I robbed myself of the opportunities to enjoy the moment.

In life, we occasionally go through some down time and it seems like nothing is happening, natural response is usually to be down cast and just worry while we should actually be using this time to rest and reconnect.

Time off is a great resource depending on how you use it. Thanks to the internet the world really is at your fingertips. Rather than lavishing in self-pity, it’s better to use this time to 1. Rest and 2. Strategize. The rest is great as it gives you clarity, the strategy is great as it gives you speed, so when you are back on your feet, you are truly back!!

Use down times to fall in love with yourself and your passions all over again. Instead of being anxious of what is not yet here, focus on what is indeed here like your friends, family and yourself! It is important to have a community around you of people who actually make you feel safe – it’s difficult to connect with people when you are busy, so if you have been blessed with some down time, put the phone down, go out and meet people physically.

Also use your down time to plan for the future, identify areas where you feel you need support and development, and seek to do some of that development, attend a training, read a book, join a club, live.

One of my favourite quotes in the world is that everything is preparing you for something. Remember we learn patience and perseverance in the periods of our lives when it felt like nothing is happening.

So look again – time off – problem – time off – opportunity.




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