Your home, your castle

It's officially the first day of spring. The radio and tv are constantly churning out adverts with deals to get your home ready for spring. There is one in particular that catches my attention - it explains how a simple dining table becomes the place your now-withdrawn teenage daughter pours her heart out to you over a cup of tea, or diet coke, or whatever it is you share together; a simple sofa becomes the place where you snuggle up with that special one, sharing and creating memories; the back garden or porch that will be filled with laughter of friends and family over drinks - overall the few seconds of that advert takes me beyond seeing furniture and rooms around the home as just objects and empty spaces.

Your home is the one place where you find peace and quiet at the end of a very hectic day, where you escape from the chaos and madness of the outside world. The one place where you are in control and can let loose all inhibitions.

Your home is an extension of who you are. You are you - you believe in unicorns and know that there will always be a light at the end of every dark tunnel, it might take a while to get to the end but you know you will, eventually. You are a mum - you swell with pride when you look at the drawing of you that you know looks nothing like you but has MUM boldly written under it displayed on the fridge. You are a wife - you have his heart, he has yours so you hang up years of memories on the wall. You are a sister - you are the one stop destination on the way to where ever because your sofa comes with warm hugs, kisses and a belly full of goodness.

You are what makes a house a home. It makes little sense to have a home that would make Martha Stewart green with envy and have everyone in it wish they would rather share a bed with Cruella De Vil. But truth be told, you are creating memories that'll last a lifetime for yourself and those you share your home with. It's the simple things - they'll mimic you when you nag about a room being untidy, they will come to understand that everything has a place and MUST be put back in that place, it'll always be remembered that you hated watermarks on the coffee table, they'll walk by a florist and fondly remember the flowers you always had on your kitchen window and the scent, the smell of home that will forever be imprinted in the minds of those that pass through the space you have made home.

Sometimes you'll let it slide and your castle will look no different from a mad house. We have and will continue to have those moments (another memory created, no) but always remember these wise words - whoever uses the spirit that is in him creatively is an artist. To make living itself an art, that is the goal.

It is often said that we are 5% nature and 95% nurture. Make the rules, rules that will remain and flow through to every branch of your family tree. Beds made every morning - it'll make a not so tidy room look tidy. A quick superwoman scan across the kitchen/dining and living room before going to bed. Less is more - less clutter, less on the kitchen tops, on the dining table, in the wardrobes. Bold can be your new black - work with the one colour that makes you happy (take the family along on your makeover adventure, make it a family project). Re-arrange the living room furniture. Paint a wall in pretty peacock, mulberry burst or raspberry diva. Always bring something back for your home from your travels. It's your home, it's your castle, create moments that become memories. Memories you create are priceless after all they are the architects of our identity.

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