Beautiful Words From Cindy Cameron - The Thames Valley Venus Awards Ambassador

It’s an absolute honour to be the ambassador for Venus Awards Thames Valley for many reasons. I'm a natural people’s person and told often that I have an eura about me which I find intriguing, as I’m told it's a great thing to have I am very grateful. One of my many skills is that I'm a great listener, genuinely generous and considerate. I don't suffer fools but will always look for the good in people, more often than not there is a silver lining somewhere. No one will go through life on a journey paved with gold, there will be pitfalls, for me they have hugely helped me grow, make me stronger and more resilient. It's these things that help when supporting friends, colleagues and people in need. I enjoy nothing more than seeing recognition given where it's truly deserved. We should want to help and support those that need it. We all have dreams and ambitions, sometimes pressures of life, illness, family commitments or something similar will get in the way, it's never too late to do anything! what you do need though is someone to believe in you, give you the confidence and support it takes to get you there. So, a good network of wonderful people is essential and Venus is a great platform for this, opportunities to meet ladies that have and will do amazing things, join you and support you on journeys in your life that maybe you never dreamt you’d take. Embrace this opportunity, for the first time in June 2017 we will be hosting the most amazing event, the build up to it will also be exceptionally exciting, so do get involved, take this opportunity to engage and be recognised.

In my career history I have probably not reached the heights I could have, several reasons slowed me down somewhat, the obvious one's being a parent and raising two children, working back then was never as recognised as it is today, which is great, we need changes to make things easier. I have always had roles that had an element of sales attached and as a secretary it was coincidental that a sales team was inevitably involved. So, eventually I found myself in a sales role, guess what, I was a natural from the start! Over the years having had the best training available from two of the worlds most recognised IT businesses, I let nothing hold me back. I do remember the continued feeling of guilt as a working mother and I couldn't do certain things because of that, but I had exceptionally supportive parents who helped me as much as they could. I will be forever thankful for that. I was asked to go to South Africa for 10 days when my children were still relatively young, I said no I couldn't possibly do that, but when I told my father he said, you will go!! and I did, but it was his encouragement that got me there and of course the help of my parents and friends. Having spent over 20 plus years in the IT industry I decided to take a little time out to be a proper full on Mum, only to learn that actually my children we doing ok and encouraged me to continue what I was doing, so I did, minus the guilt. So back to work it was. I worked for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce where I found the world of networking and events that worked wonders, bringing people together from all walks of life and industry sectors, specific speakers would attract audiences that not only had an interest in the subject matter, it encouraged engagement with people that perhaps they could partner with, offer support, work together, buy from or learn from, whatever it might be it's a great opportunity and exceptionally powerful. People in business will more often than not want to and enjoy helping, if it's a small business or a major corporate/global business, if you talk to the right person and they believe in what you’re doing or wanting, they will be keen to support in some way.

We all have a journey and bring pieces from it to create that fabulous piece of art that will hang proudly in your life. We can add to it and make it brighter every day. If we're honest there will be times that the picture gets just a little dusty, but you can wake up the next day and make it sparkle and shine even brighter than ever. So my message to you all is, believe in yourself, shout about your achievements and take credit where it's due. Shine like diamonds and have dreams that will take you to the stars.

I am currently looking to start something on my own and have most things in place, but, guess what, it's not always easy, I'm a little scared but tomorrow I will make MY picture sparkle and take a bigger stride towards my goal.

Good luck to each and every one of you. I would be flattered and very happy to help or support any stars that need a little polish.

Best wishes.



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