Nneka de Douhet - Truly Extraordinary

Meet the super woman behind the Extraordinary Women Project - Nneka de Douhet (nee Ezinwa).

'I’m a TCK and a child of the world - a global citizen. I don’t believe in boundaries and I embrace all races and cultures.I grew up in 9 different countries and I believe that I received a priceless education beyond that of the ordinary walls of a school.I have an inquisitive mind and I love to study, learn, research, read, write and explore. Anything. From Science to Psychology, to Astrology to Literature. I adore originality, creativity and any form of art. I believe in continuous study (you can never learn or discover enough). I kick started my career as a writer in 2004 when I published my first book ‘The muse.’The Creative Director of an advertising agency read my book and invited me over for an interview. I was offered the job of assistant copywriter in one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in Nigeria even though I had no clue what copywriting was and I failed the copywriting test three times.I learnt copywriting on the job and my career grew from assistant copywriter to copywriter to senior copywriter to copy manager and to head copy over the years.In between advertising copywriting I never stopped my personal creative writing. I edited magazines, online magazines, books and I also wrote the columns in several weeklies.I teamed up with Ozone Mbanefo, an Art director and the CEO of the 02 Academy Lagos, and we began teaching young school leavers art direction, copywriting and creative writing. We also helped place these youth with advertising jobs. I recall being ridiculed, scorned and constantly discouraged by a lot of friends and people around me before I published my book and before I landed that first job in advertising. I was told that I was an unserious person if I thought that I could make it as a writer and I was also told that I would never get that advertising job.If I wasn’t a strong woman I would have caved in, I wouldn’t have believed in myself. I would have listened, I would’ve been lost. I would never have ‘found’ myself. Now I’ve decided to turn those past voices of scorn into one of my strengths. Those negative voices are the ‘Raison d’etre’ and the foundation of my Extraordinary Women’s (EW) project.So that women never have to be discouraged again.EW is not about celebrities even though I might write about an extraordinary popular female as an example from time to time.EW is a celebration of strong female talents, motivational females, inspirational females, outstanding females.The topics could range from career, to relationships to ambitions, to education. It could even be as simple as a young mother who discovered a break-through in putting her over-zealous child to sleep.As long as it’s inspirational and women stand to learn something from it, I’m going to write about it.The aim is to give women a platform with which to share their successes, aspirations, motivations and inspirations. To talk about problem’s they faced at one point in time or the other and about how they overcame them. Now another woman can benefit from their experience.It’s a female networking well of sorts that you can give life to by sharing (putting water into the well) and you can equally draw inspiration from taking (drawing water from the well).Many women have a story to tell and they want to tell it. Now they can.We can all celebrate the day to day triumphs together.We can all inspire and be inspired.We can all gain more confidence in ourselves.We can all network and uplift each other. In the next five years I hope to see EW teaming up with various ‘female friendly’ brands in order to offer support and encouragement to females all over the world. I want to see EW hosting international women’s conferences and teaming up with other female networks such as Sister Sister to support our fellow ‘sisters’. I also hope to use the hotel that I currently run with my husband to promote touristic and cultural learning experiences with various extraordinary women. (www.hotelbouloc.com) My motto is this: ‘If something isn’t working – try something new.’ I do think that life can be as simple as that.When you tap into the Extraordinary Women’s Project, you’ll be sure to discover new ways of living, working, learning, loving, laughing and growing.It’s a well… draw some water from it!'

To read more about the Extraordinary Women’s project and get updates on the much anticipated 2018 Extraordinary Women Conference visit www.nekitaink.wordpress.com

Know an ‘extraordinary woman’ whose story you want to help tell? please Nekitaink at atink@yahoo.com and we’ll take it from there.


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