Still Moments

Taking time to breathe and dig deeper is something we must all try to do as women. In today’s busy world and the busy lives we all have, it is quiet easy to find ourselves constantly going with the flow, doing the same things over and over again time over without pausing to think and realign ourselves with our aims and objectives.

Few months ago, I read about how Oprah Winfrey takes out time during her busy day to just stand still, breathe and re-calibrate. This simple act, she describes as ‘life changing’ - just being able to ‘pause and be grounded’.

As a working mother of two young kids, I initially chuckled about the idea of taking time off to just be still. But as someone who is always in search a ‘zen moment’ I decided to give this a go.

So quiet deliberately, I went into my room, stood at the centre, closed my eyes and stood still for a while. It felt weirdly empowering, so I tried it again, this time I decided to think about all the things that I loved about my life, so I closed my eyes and thought of my family and how safe and happy they make feel, then I released the moment and carried on.

It was not till late evening I realised what a profound effect that simple exercised had on me. So I promised myself every day I would take out 10 minutes, to be still and be thankful for the life I live. Undoubtedly in the top 10 decisions I have ever made.

What started as ‘little moments’ is now fast becoming ‘big moments’ as I have now stared having ‘still moments’ on my career, business and other things I am engaged in. Moments where I try to clear my thought process and realign what I am doing with what I am trying to do.

So from time to time, I would think of all the things I am doing, and try to align them with the things I want to do, quiet often there is a disconnect, but that is okay because at least I know where the disconnection lies.

There is something powerful, empowering and restoring about standing still, to be in a moment just another person on earth, no worries, no cares, just a simple thankful heart.

So thought I would share this gift with you, and hope you enjoy it too.

The Oprah book I referenced is titled ‘What I Know For Sure’ and you can buy it here:



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