24th June 2017- Dream Machine Retreat

In a few weeks on 24th June, I'm running a day long 'retreat' at The Forbury in Reading where I will be working with a group of people on building their 'dreams' and turning them into reality.

The aim is to allow people to give themselves a day out to explore who they really are and what makes them tick, and I'll take them on a journey that will be targeted to their own personal needs and, after the retreat, then facilitate a support group to help them along their journey with webinars and group sessions over the next 3 months should they wish to participate.

The price for the day and the three month support is £349 per person AND then, to encourage accountability, I normally offer a second place for £99 so that friends can come and together they later hold each other accountable.

HOWEVER for the members of the sister-sister group, should you wish to attend, I will reduce the second place to £49, meaning the cost for the day for two people is £398 and then, the ongoing support is free.

If you are interested, please can you/they come directly to me rather than booking through the website as this discount will be for the Sister-sister group only and not available any where else.

What is included in our full-day, hands on intensive retreat, see also http://www.elaineksullivan.com/your-best-year-yet

  • Self-Analysis: Getting to know the real you. Understand your natural traits and tendencies, and what really excites you, and how to make this truly work for you and your professional life.

  • Mastering your Mind and Emotions: Control your thoughts rather than have your thoughts control you. Learn to recognise hidden thought processes that limit your own success and relationships.

  • Action Planning: Living your life with purpose. Turn on your Dream Machine and learn how to create meaningful goals that are ultimately achievable, optionally backed up with 3-month group support.

On the day:

Arrival from 9am, starting at 9:30am

Tea, coffee, and pastries on arrival

Mid morning tea and muffins

2-course buffet lunch

Afternoon tea, coffee, & selection of cakes

Refreshments and stationery included

We will be finished by 6pm, but everyone's welcome to continue chatting, and discovering afterwards.

What the attendees will need:

An open mind

A driven passion to really achieve your dreams and goals in the coming 3 months

Stationery is provided so everyone can get hands-on and absorb all we share with to help everyone along in their journey!

All the best

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