Sometimes, we rise by falling.

Welcome to a brand new week, full of opportunities, great new horizons and potentials.

The Sister Sister Coffee Morning was a great meet up, it was inspiring and emotional at the same time, and I found myself tearing up occasionally hearing our attendees talking about their female role models and how they have inspired them.

The biggest take home for me was to be more mindful of how my actions affect the women around me – like a renewed sense of responsibility.

I also attended the Venus Awards on Friday where I was nominated for the Business Mother of the Year Award. My big ‘ah ah’ take away from this was ‘do not be the best kept secret in Berkshire’.

So naturally I spent most of Sunday assimilating and reflecting on my experiences on Friday and Saturday and how they have impacted me.

Being surrounded by all these highly inspirational women made me nervous and motivated all at once, I saw courage but some of that mirrored my own fears and limitations. But on Saturday it hit me, it’s not the output it is the process.

To rise up, we may fall several times. So if you are at that stage in your life where it seems like you are falling, pay attention, you may just be rising.

Experiences that truly teach us are rarely pleasant, and while going through them we often feel like things will never improve and all hope is lost, if we stay strong and ride the storm out, we can only get better.

Have you made a personal commitment to yourself that you didn’t follow?

Did you promise yourself you would not so certain thing again but still occasionally go back?

Are you hanging on to toxic and wrong relationships?

All these may leave you feeling like you are failing and out of control and that you will never achieve your goals, but if you pick yourself up and own up to your shortcoming, determined even more than before not to be defined by your moments of ‘falling down’, you will stand again.

Growth occurs in forward and backward motions, some days you are great, some days you are not, but every day you are growing.

So, keep growing, whatever this week brings, good or bad, pick yourself up, rise again, because if this weekend taught me anything is that ‘success takes time and it is a bunch of many failed attempts finally working’



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