Our 2018 business exhibitors are all made in the Thames Valley!! In line with our undefeated theme, our exhibitors are women who have built their businesses from scratch within our community.

We hope you enjoy learning more about them and their businesses.


Lape Adejuwon is a wife, mother, businesswoman and a startup business coach. She has successful businesses in the food, life and style sectors. She is the founder and managing director of Elle Won, a UK based luxury brand of Italian handbags and fashion accessories. Elle Won was founded out of a deep passion for versatile, timeless, quality fashion accessories at a good price.

Undefeated: In Lape's Words:

'I am true believer that opportunities come at zero cost and only those who take advantage of them position themselves for greatness. I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way knowing that it could of benefit to me or someone else. I don’t see limits because I have been through enough of them to know that they are in themselves opportunities.'

Advice to other women who want to start their own businesses?

Three things I would like to share with any woman looking to start their own business is to:

I. ‘Get Up and Go’

Don’t be afraid to take that first leap of faith; don’t be afraid to start small. Truth is, most great businesses started with a small step.

II. Be true to who you are.

Most successful businesses started out as one individual’s passion or hobby. Businesses thrive when we enjoy what we do. Often times, this has the potential to enhance the opportunities that we are drawn to. So, if you love and enjoy baking and cooking follow your passion, don’t do the trend ‘be the trend’.

3. Don’t be afraid to fall along the way.

Falling is part of the developmental journey of walking and running. So, falling is not failing - it is the inability to get back up – which I like to call ‘bouncebackability’ that’s failing. Don’t be afraid – Get Back Up.

What I Learnt

I would say that my biggest business mistake is not designing something I now call a ‘WIIGAW’ What If It Goes All Wrong’ strategy for my first business. Indeed, I was a young businesswoman with little business experience I had to learn a lot while in crisis mode – when this should have been the time of rolling out my crisis procedures.

The lesson learnt is that challenges are an integral part of growth and while designing a fine business plan and strategy, it is also worth planning for your own unique WIIGAW. If your WIIGAW procedures are smart it will drive your business to the next level in its growth and success plan; if it is a weak WIIGAW or there is none in place it can slow down or impede your growth.

Contact Lape:

Lape Adejuwon

Elle Won



Facebook: ellewon.co.uk

Instagram: ellewon_couture


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