Celebrating Thames Valley Craftsmanship - FriendTex By Rosie

Our 2018 business exhibitors are all made in the Thames Valley and London, and in line with our 'undefeated' theme, our exhibitors are all women who have built their businesses from scratch with passion, love and hardwork.

We hope you enjoy learning more about them and their businesses.


How I Started

I am a mother of four and on returning to work when my youngest started school I was a Comprehensive School Secretary and used to enjoy wearing very practical but smart clothes from home-shopping company Weekenders. After a few years at the school I tried a more challenging job working for an Australian mining and minerals information company but did not enjoy working on my own, so began selling Weekenders clothes as a Consultant and really loved the fun of meeting lots of nice ladies and playing dressing up. When Weekenders went bust I changed to the Danish fashion company GreenHouse, then to Friendtex six years ago and I love the chance to meet people and bring them fun with fashion, lovely stylish but practical and comfortable clothes for every day. AND I love wearing the clothes I sell!

Advice to budding entrepreneurs

Advice to budding entrepreneurs Remember the maxim "if you are passionate about your job, you need never work again"! BUT it is necessary to be grounded as well - accounts have to be done, Tax returns filled in and filed, regulations complied with. Take all the advice you can, but you have to take responsibility as well. By the way, Friendtex currently have an amazing scheme for new starters.

Lessons Learnt

My worst mistake was taking a job from a cousin in Australia, running his business here in the UK and letting him bully me into a stressed out mess, even across all those miles, before realising I had to resign, he wasn't going to change. I have learnt that I am much happier working with women! Much more honest and trustworthy! I am not a male misogynist, I had a wonderful husband and have three great sons as well as good male friends, but I would rather work with women!

Contact Rosie

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