Seeking Mom Pals For The End Of The World

It's 2am, I wake up to an odd sense of 'there is someone in this room', bleary eyed, I scramble for the bedside lamp's switch, eeeeehh!! here is my son, clutching his massive lion staring me straight in the eye, 'I need a wee mummy'.

Sounds familiar? hahaha, mums are absolutely fantastic, and we do so much for everyone that sometimes it is easy to forget about yourself and just focus on the kids, DH and stuff.

But guess what? mum pals are pretty cool!

So don't do it alone, have coffee with friends when you can, go to the cinema when you can, take a day off when you can, soak a bath when you can, take a walk when you can.

Mum pals have a way of lifting us up on a foggy day, and why would they not?

They know all to well how it feels to operate on 2hours of sleep, fumbling around looking for keys, sometimes it's just the nature of the gig.



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