Arise 2019 - The Single Parents Hub

Being a parent is a very demanding job. Being a single parent is much harder.

The Single Parents Hub's mission is to empower and to support single parents with all aspects of their lives. So that you and your children can live lives full of happiness, great health and an abundance of wealth.

We bring together experts and service providers to share their knowledge, expertise and give you support everyday.


Tarinee Sawetnaphanon is the Director of Freedom and Happiness Ltd, a property investor, a professional landlord, a wealth coach, Amazon Best seller author and a speaker.

Her background is in property investment where she successfully manages a property portfolio in London and across the UK. She is also gives guidance and support to other landlords and property investors helping them to manage their properties for income and growth. She has achieved this alongside being a single mum, loving and raising her two young children.

Tarinee lives in London. She has two boys and loves cooking and traveling. In her spare time, she volunteers at her local charity stores and enjoys cooking for the homeless.

These has inspired her to create “Single Parents Hub” a community for single parents and bring in experts and service providers. So that they can connect, use their knowledge and expertise to support single parents and achieve mutual benefits.

Her life passion has changed since she became a single mum. Her mission is now to support single parents in all aspects of their lives. So that they can live lives that they always dream of and deserve.


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