Arise 2019 - The Fairy ClothesMother

My name is Victoria, I am a Confidence & Image Coach. My mission is to empower women to embrace their bodies and love their own unique style. I am your very own Fairy Clothes Mother! I will help you find YOUR style- a way of dressing that makes you feel most like you.

My superpower is to make you feel amazing about yourself! I will empower you to embrace your body and love your own unique style! Confidence & Image Coach.

Do you look in the mirror, not recognising who you see? Feel like you’ve lost you whilst taking care of everyone else? Are you lacking the confidence to be YOU?

Maybe you’re not sure how to put an outfit together? What works? Feeling frumpy? Bored of your clothes?

I get ya, doll! I’ve been there! So unsure of myself, feeling disappointed every time I looked in the mirror, a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Working my magic, we will identify your body shape and seasonal colour palette ( the colours that suit your skin and hair) with this info we can sort though your wardrobe and create outfits that make you feel amazing (Discover You Package), take you shopping (Personal Shopping) or create an outfit or look for a special event (Virtual Shopping/Styling).

My Confidence Coaching sessions are a chance for you to dig deeper (than your style & image) to work on any & all issues holding you back. Together we can break down those barriers. I can show you simple techniques to boost your self confidence, making a huge difference to how you live your life. Lets chat!

Contact Victoria Kennedy

07407 152100.

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