Too Little or Too Much

Are you struggling with both too little and too much?

So many of us have overwhelm in some areas and scarcity in other aspects. I generally like the start of the year with its encouragement to reflect and look ahead.

Looking back helps me to see what I’ve been doing, what’s gone well and what is yet to be completed. But this is not a negative as I get to rethink what has not been done and decide whether or not it is still important to me.

It’s an exciting time with a reminder of the opportunity to shift focus and change perspectives.

Most years I return to thoughts around efficiency and decluttering. And every year I take small steps in the right direction.

As I was considering my best approach for this year I came across the Kon Mari decluttering show on Netflix. This is a follow up to the bestselling book by Marie Kondo. I came across her book, the life-changing magic of tidying, when I edited a community magazine and did a review then.

. Even though I was familiar with her approach seeing it brought to life by case study had a much more immediate effect. The transformative power of the experience is clearly evident.

This gave me new enthusiasm for my seasonal reflection on decluttering and efficiency or to put it another way, what I have too much of and what I have too little of.

The trick with this type of process is how and where to start. She gives advice of course but my tendency is not to completely follow advice but to get ideas and work them into my real life. The easiest place for me to start in my life is with my shoes. I found myself slimming down my shoe collection to ones I actually wear. What an idea! The payoff is the emotional clarity and lifted spirits that results.

It became even clearer to me why I habitually return to those two goals. With less to sort through we can use our time better. And here is where efficiency comes in. I’ve read several writers who also refer to the reduced energy and brain power required when options are simplified and limited; I have found that to be true. There are successful business people who swear by a morning routine and a work uniform. As a wife and mother I appreciate Marie’s mantra of having a place for everything. So much time is lost trying to find inconsequential things that move about the home.

This is a time to reflect on what we need to make our life work and what is taking up energy and holding us back. Where are the places you and I can make changes for the better?

I know my process will continue. I’ll probably cull clothes before books because the latter I will find the most difficult. I don’t expect the job will ever be done but I will continue with these good habits, so I don’t ever find myself in those ‘before’ pictures that are so prevalent on these makeover programs.

A picture of the shoes that I am giving away because I no longer wear them.

But where this really matters is the emotional toll of carrying stuff we need to leave behind and by not letting go of these we cannot making space for the new things which might just enhance our living. How sad would that be?

Each of us carry stuff through our lives and the skill is to know when to take on more stuff and when to put things down.

How about you? Do you carry too much, too little or just enough? What does the start of the year mean to you in 2019? I would love to know what you think so do leave a comment below.

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