Leadership For Women Forum in London

See all the behind the scenes pictures from our London Leadership For Women Forum.

Thank you everyone for being part of an inspiring day.

About Leadership For Women Forum

Leadership For Women Forum is a free 3-hour leadership development programme customized to benefit a group of local women who lead where they stand.

Our approach is simple but powerful - a blend of education and inspiration to support leadership development, inspire action and help women step up across communities.

 Maggie Sarfo

Write your self-limiting thoughts down and then write down the counter thoughts too.

"You are expansive and have so much more to offer" 

Maggie Sarfo.

Hayah Alshihabi

Think of Self-Doubt as a wet tissue on your hands, you can take it off.

Your hands may be wet for a while but it will eventually dry up if you stop holding it.

Sarbjit Hear 

Think of what is real, ask yourself what evidence do I have that this fear is real?.

Amanda Downs 

Do not sink into the throne of despair. Pick yourself up.


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