Leading Through Uncertainty

In the words of Her Majesty The Queen, '"we will meet again". 

We are sending out love to everybody, especially our inspiring members working in the health, emergency and all key services, we are forever grateful for your service. 

Sending you e-hugs till we all meet again soon.

Here are 6 power tips to help you cope through these uncertain times.

1. React  Do not go into paralysis, think about what survival means to you, what must you do, what you need and where are you currently.  2. Be Flexible and Open to Change Nobody really likes change, but what the study of nature teaches us is that the more adaptable we are, the more our chances of survival. 3. Self-Isolate Physically Not Mentally Keep communication channels open, isolation deepens adversity, keep connecting with people via technology, still share ideas, the timing may be tough, but ideas are still worth exploring. 4. Be Kind To Yourself Our resilience coach Bep Dhaliwal always says this, 'be kind to yourself'. in unprecedented circumstances like thess, we need more self-love than ever, we are all trying our best. 5. Find Your Leadership Sweet Spot What are you really great at? how could you use that now? What would your favourite leader do, what can you learn from them? 6. Give Back Adversity takes a new meaning when we use our experiences and learnings to help others.


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