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Towards an Optimistic Future 

Each year, Arise Women's Summit brings together a community of like-minds with shared interests in empowering and supporting women. 

With delegates from diverse backgrounds and industries, Arise offers a power-packed day of networking, empowerment and meaningful dialogue on critical issues relating to women.

Arise unites and empowers - providing valuable growth opportunities and spotlighting inspiring speakers whose stories, expertise, experiences and insights can help others step forward in their chosen fields.

With wide-ranging topics from entrepreneurship, leadership, purpose, philanthropy, career development, well-being, and mental health, our 2022 theme is #towardsanoptimisticfuture - a rallying call for hope and purpose as we navigate the challenges of today. 

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Arise 2019 Summit

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What we offer

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded peers across our community

  • Access to high-quality leadership and personal development speakers and content

  • Learning from other people's inspiring stories, journeys and lived experiences

  • Opportunities to promote and support women-led ventures through our exhibitions and brochures

  • Collaboration and connection with members of our community.

  • Form new relationships to challenge your thinking and propel you toward your goals

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Arise 2020 Summit

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